Facts and Stats about Carroll Cole

Facts about Carroll Cole

1. Carroll Cole was born on August 11, 1932 in San Antonio, Texas.
2. He was an American serial killer who was convicted of murdering at least seven people between 1979 and 1983.
3. He was sentenced to death in 1984 and executed by lethal injection in 1985.
4. He was known as the “Midnight Stalker” due to his habit of entering homes at night and attacking his victims while they slept.
5. He was a Vietnam War veteran and had a history of mental illness and alcohol abuse.
6. He was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and was found to be legally insane at the time of his trial.
7. He was known to have a fascination with knives and often used them to commit his murders.
8. He was also known to have an obsession with the Bible and would often quote passages from it during his trial.
9. He was found guilty of seven counts of first-degree murder and was sentenced to death in 1984.