In-depth Analysis

So today’s serial killer

is Carol Edward Cole or he may have gone by Ed Cole or Eddie Cole, depending on who you ask? Either way, bag of shit. So,

Eddie Cole, you know, I’m gonna call him Carol just because he feels more proper and more slightly demeaning. Yeah, but I feel like you’re doing a disservice to the great men of our nation like Carroll O’Connor. Yeah, but that’s Carroll O’Connor. That’s Carol Cole. I wouldn’t demean Carroll O’Connor. Even though his characters are mostly kind of racist on TV. And homophobes. Yeah, that’s true. It was a different time but still not that tight. 1938 may 9. Carol is born in Sioux City, Iowa. He is the son of Laverne and Vesta Cole.

The next year his younger sister would be born and they would move out to Richmond, California, where his father is drafted to serve in World War Two. In 1943, is now five years old and his mom makes him go to an unfamiliar apartment.

While she engaged in drunken sex, afterward at home, she beat him twisted his arm and threatened him to ensure he would not reveal her transgressions. Remember, she’s married at this time and her husband is off at war. So

he’s five years old and he’s being beaten and told to keep secrets from his father who has gone at World War.

So kind of a war. Yeah, yeah. You know, like the big one debbie debbie it too. So it’s another one of these things we see.

his mom’s very abusive. She dresses him as a girl several times and she doesn’t dress them as a girl and then like, endear him and love on him as her daughter. She dresses him as a girl and then braids him and makes fun of him and

yeah, oh, it’s probably it’s probably right. It’s the best of the best thing you could probably say.

1945 Vesta returns home and the beatings by Carol’s mother stops due to him entering the first grade and the father returning home from war.

Early on the name Carol gets him some teasing to his quote girly name. Once he was

he was younger and he was starting to have like these weird blackout spells that he was only he was noticing and kind of keeping from people because he was a kid and didn’t understand and during one of these at the age of seven he blacked out and awoke to found he had strangled the families puppy. No Yeah, so

I think this is kind of where it starts you know, is that it’s it’s not

it wasn’t made a big deal. He wasn’t punished for it. He wasn’t

chastised for the this, you know, he was, it seemed like a normal thing that they do and they move it along with

The day like Well, I mean, you strangle the puppy What are we gonna do? You don’t have a puppy anymore so you know what do you think of that? So you’re not going to do that again right and and I wanted to kind of point out here and I just recently listened to an episode I’m a little behind but on the red handed podcast and they’re talking about

every time I hear this, you know, I think McDonald’s triad,

the head injury, the fire starting and the

child or the small animal killing and what I was what they they brought up a good point and I’m not sure that was their original point if they had read it, but that the McDonald triad is less a indicator that a child is going to become a serial killer and more an indicator that a child is currently or has been abused.

Because the these traits that we’re talking about aren’t inherent traits killing small animals and you know, their their thing.

It tends to be spurred by abuse of parents which Carol is.

Experiencing his mom is pretty, pretty rough to him regardless of the fact that his father’s back but before that at a very young and formative age, we’re talking four to seven here. His mom is just very belittling and berating to him.

Gotcha. So also access at the age of seven he begins to fantasise about killing his mother and females that would cross his path.

Seven years old. Also normal unhealthy. I was totally fucking eating burgers. It’s happened.

I was not whatever man you’d liar. I’m not that’s always bothered me. Since 1946, he is eight years old. And after swimming at Richmond’s yacht harbour with a group of boys he waited until schoolmate Dwayne was alone and held him underwater until he died. Dwayne was one of the peers to tease Carol for his name, the most

rough. It was seen as an accident at the time. But Cole would admit later in an autobiography that he wrote from prison that it was in fact him. I know you a lot of times take exception to these storeys, because you know, they’re a serial killer who’s already locked up who’s done his time who’s convicted of certain murders and like, yeah, you know, when I was a kid, I murdered another kid do and it can slightly be corroborated because yeah, this kid died and, you know, a drowning that

took place when Carol was a kid and he was there for it.

But it’s kind of like one of those things that you might see on Reddit and I am very badass. where it’s like, you know, I held a kid under the water one, because I didn’t like the way he made fun of my name. Here’s the Leah. It’s exactly like here’s the proof that it happened. It doesn’t say nobody knows who did it. Right. Right. So I could be Batman could be the boy.

February 1933. He is now 14 years old, with

skipped ahead in time a little bit. He’s murdered Duane, we don’t really hear a lot about him and might I say, for I go on much farther. I like your inquisitive face what what what might you say? Yeah, please, this way, least researched

episode that I’ve ever done and not for lack of trying. There is not much about Carol Cole. He was not an exceptional serial killer. His body count wasn’t exceptionally high. His rate of killing was an exceptionally high his method of killing wasn’t exceptionally met, messy or methodical or well thought out. He he was just a pretty average dude that did some serial killings and there are there’s no documentaries, there are, you know, there, there’s a Wikipedia page and a murder pedia page, but there it’s

for all intents and purposes I normally let’s say I have

15 loose sources and I might use five very tight. And this one it was tough to find five.

So he’s just was pretty unremarkable huh?

Yeah, I mean in all in all facets, he’s just a petty criminal his whole life. We’re going to kind of get into it starting now. But this is one weird point. And we kind of see this again with a lot of these killers. It’s one way or the other. It feels like I guess otherwise, they’d be average and wouldn’t mention it. But at the age of 14, he’s ranks as a genius on an IQ test with a score of 152. But in school, his grades are like about a D average.

So you know, he applies himself and takes his his 152 iq and eventually becomes a mechanical engineer.

No, I’m just getting by high school. He was burglarizing liquor stores and drinking heavily. I was like, oh, man, I’m anxious to see what made him take the turn that he took.

He dropped out of school, the middle of his junior

You’re here so he does not graduate high school. In February rated, yeah, in February of 1957. He’s now 18 years old of legal age to join the military, which he does and joins the Navy, come on and sail the seven seas.

He gets in a little bit of trouble for drinking and theft of government property. It actually gets him some time in the brig. So it wasn’t there were no slaps on the wrist. He gets a little locked up time and the Navy. I don’t think it wouldn’t say what it was for. I mean, he’s this guy just get shitty and steal a battleship, or was that was what I was going to say. So this doesn’t even get him a discharge. He gets done on the break. He’s still legally in the military. What do you think it was?

Um, I bet he got drunk and stole

like a Jeep or something. Some pistols. I was gonna guess guns too, but I thought you said he was a petty theft. I mean, stealing guns is pretty

And big time Well, we’re talking 1957 though. It’s, I mean, not that they’re not big time but 1957 was probably not like, you got to have a thumbprint it’s for ID cards to get through here you get fucking shot. If you take one step past he’s probably walking like sub Chuck. I’m just gonna grab these four right here and he’s like, you got clearance for that right? Yeah, I like that clear and shut up, jack Come on, and walk that. Would I be here if I did? Right? Come on Chuck. Do your job.

Let me do my in October of 1958. October the fourth actually. He has a San Diego arrest on suspicion of burglary and auto theft, which finally gets him discharged from the Navy. That is

18 months after he joins the Navy.

Wow. So in that related he made a run at it. Yep, he’s been pretty much caught drunk on the job. He stole some pistols. Finally while he’s in San Diego. He gets arrested on suspicion of burglary and auto

He stole a car and it looked like he was going to burglarize a building and he was caught in the midst.

So perfect. Just a winner in where he’s only 20.

He returned to the home of his parents in Richmond after he is dishonourably discharged, where his mother would just continue the abuse by rubbing his nose in every single one of his failures. From 19 sounds like a wonderful lady tonight. She had no point ever sounded like a wonderful lady.

From 1958 to 1960. He remains with his family and worked odd jobs around town and during this time, he has various minor arrests for small thefts, small arsons, just a tonne of little itty bitty things, but they’re just it sounds like

like a sitcom about a small town. He’s very Bart Simpson very Dennis the Menace. Like the sounds like a jerk just stealing stuff and setting dumpsters on fire. Yeah, yeah, that’s kind of what it sounds like. But

Also sounds like he would get arrested and they’d like, take him home tomorrow and Paul, and you know, hey, your boy was burning the the dumpster again but we’re talking about a 22 year old guy. And we’re talking about Richmond California not like Richmond, Virginia. Right? It’s it’s not it’s not a small Richmond Virginia is a small town that was a bad example. It’s a these are both big towns and it doesn’t seem to be anything really sticking to him. But again, it is early like what what really were burglary charges and 58. I mean, I guess it doesn’t seem like there’s much of a difference. I just

I think this creates a lot of the killers is that they just keep getting away with shit their whole fucking life. They just nothing sticks to them and why why wouldn’t they think they could get away with it. He’s gotten away with literally everything. And we’re very, we’re very early into it.

So June 1 1960.

DE approaches two couples in a parked car at a Lover’s Lane and attacks them with a hammer.

No, no death to be had this day but there are several injuries. June 28 1960. He is convicted of assault with a deadly weapon and since 230 days on a county work farm,

January 1961. The following year he flags down a Richmond police car and told a patrolman of his urges to rape and strangle women. The officer suggested voluntary self committed to a mental hospital. He then decides to go home and call the police station and essentially let them know that’s a feeling he’s having and they give him similar advice. Go get ya go see someone then.

In order let us know when you have raped and killed him. We got you bro. She’s on February 2 19 that’s that’s such a police chief Wigan move. Yeah.

Like you don’t have to be dying. Yeah, you don’t have to be dead just dying like the knife should be in your back. Not too deep but deep enough that it’ll stay

Stand up on its own.

He on February 2, groundhogs day 1961 he entered Napa state hospital for 90 day observation and treatment he was in he admitted to a happy childhood and refuse to discuss the bad aspects of his life. On March 21 1961, the hospital staff made a diagnosis of antisocial sociopath personality disturbance and recommended he been discharged then apply for outside psychiatric treatment or voluntary admission to a task at arrow state hospital due to a sadistic abnormal sexual tendencies. Bro that’s like that’s a that’s a few minutes from where I am in my exact location. A task at arrow. Yeah, Ash is right, like right up the road. So Ash is where I believe the so they recommend he goes there on the 25th. Four days later he’s released from Napa and he decides not to go to ash in July of 61 while serving a six month since we’re auto theft, he requested psychiatric help. So he gets he steals another car and gets arrested and he’s serving a six month sentence. This is July we last heard from him in March so so in four months he stolen a car been arrested and charged and is now serving six months sentence possibly on purpose it sounds I there’s not a lot of storeys about this car theft but let’s look at what we’re looking at here. You know, he’s trying to get help finally kind of gets a little in a hospital he goes into doesn’t maybe trust them gets out a couple months down the road. He doesn’t really know how to approach getting help again and things like maybe if I just get put in jail, like they’ll give me the help I need. That’s what it they read like to me.

I don’t know if that’s those are the facts, but that’s that’s just what I saw on this. Yeah, so he asked for the help on October 619 six One he’s now 23 years old judge Raymond Coplin sign the middle order, and on October 16 10 days later he entered a task a Darrow state hospital. Dr. Irwin heart diagnosed him as passive dependent person with a facade of independence and confusion concerning sexual identification.

On September 12 1962, almost one year later he is transferred to Stockton state hospital for further testing and treatment. Dr. II Weiss noticed that he seems to be afraid of the female figure and cannot have intercourse with her, but first must kill her before doing so. Why is diagnosed Cole’s condition as a schizophrenia reaction of the chronic undifferentiated type?

What the fuck does that mean? Well, here’s the thing that I’m I have an issue with is that we’ve talked about like three diagnosis is that he’s received so far and none of them are the same. Yeah, now I’m not a doctor. These three things might mean very similar things, but it’s very confusing to me. Yes, agreed in April of 1963. He’s released with an indefinite leave. In May of 63. His mother bought him a bus ticket and headed to Dallas to stay with his where he stayed with his brother and his brother spent the next week showing him around Dallas, Texas. On July 15 1963, he attempt suicide with pills after a failed attempt to strangle a woman and spent four days in a psychiatric ward.

So I think this is fifth or sixth stop. In just the psych ward. I think we’re looking at four or five in jail. Yeah, he’s 25.

Good, good for him. Right so on November in November of 1963. No storey leading up to this is my favourite part is I couldn’t even find anything. So I’ve got to fill in the timeline like this.

After the attempted suicide and four days in the cycle, award that’s in July november of 1963. The same year he marries Neville Whitworth an alcoholic stripper.

People call it Nellie or novel Billy Billy Whitworth an alcoholic stripper so billion Carol, and not the way you think. I’m question was he living in Dallas? His current city is currently in Dallas Texas. Yes. Okay. Um, where was he on November for? Yeah, I got I’ve got questions you said November of 1963. in Dallas, Texas, and I kind of go to one place, especially lately, especially today, back in the day after JFK day, right. Um, but yeah, I’ll have to keep an eye out for him. When I’m cruising through those documents this night instead of sleeping with a normal person who’s just looking around. Greg will report to us on what was redacted from those partially release reports. Right and correcting that some of those were withheld. Fucking everything. So things rejected. Greg will get back to us on that he is married now.

In August of 65, nearly two years after their marriage, he’s convinced that Billy was partaking in sexual acts with men at the motel where they lived. So he set the motel on fire.

That’ll show him Let me burn all my shit. Yeah, so on August 19th 1965. He’s indicted for arson on March in March of 1966. He is convicted and sentenced to two years imprisonment for that arson.

On January 5 1967, less than a year later, he is released and began drifting. So what a life he’s going to live the life of a drifter, huh, you better get real good at playing the harmonica and charity in Kansas City.

In April 1967, Oklahoma City Court find him $20 for vacancy by pimping.

I could not find what that meant either I looked that term up. I google that term three separate times on my phone and my I feel like yeah, geez man. Let us know. In May of 67. The next month he invaded the bedroom of an 11 year old girl in Lake Ozark Missouri and tried to strangle her in her sleep. he pleads guilty to a reduced charge and received a five year prison term for this.

So hold on, did he like just did he just get broken up too soon? Or did he quit on it? Like what happened? I think that she she was making a lot of noise. And as his first possible strangulation, a lot of people who do man

strangulation is their method of killing don’t realise how long it takes and how hard it is to actually strangle someone to death. Yeah, I could imagine. So it would take a while. It’d be really tough. It’d be exhausting right?

At 11 I don’t know how hard she fought back but when your life is on the line, you know, she could kick something over made some noise someone comes in I can’t imagine she was an 11 year old girl at home alone. I sleep so you know, I imagine her parents got in and he was caught so gets the five year sentence. Less than three years later, he is paroled and drifted back to San Diego, then to Reno, Nevada, where he twice attempted to strangle Women In Bars, but both potential victims escaped. Wonderful. Good I’m glad Yeah, fuck this guy says a real piece of shit. September 19 1970, he surrendered to Reno police and confessed his urges to murder women once more. He was detained and charged with disorderly conduct

This is it’s kind of hot button right now like mental illness is a big thing you know that they’re needed. The guy tried to get some fucking help exactly is that there aren’t a lot of avenues and facets and I’m not well versed enough to have an argument or something profound here to say but if someone is begging for the help

how how do we yeah how do we have a system that turned their back on this guy?

This guy going like I need to rape and murder women Help me please. Like yeah just like what this there’s a place like down there something when he wants to give you the directions Go Go figure it out, bro.

Yeah. So you know horse to water. You know, it is 1970 at this point too. So we I mean, we’re out of the 50s we’re out of the 60s where it’s now 1970 so he is committed to a state hospital at sparks, Nevada and Dr. fee.

lyst people’s diagnosed him with antisocial personality, with alcoholism and compulsion to stranger strangle and rape attractive women. I’m just gonna call it strange. Oh for the rest of the night. compulsion this guy has the best name ever. Dr. Felix Peebles. Yep. Dr. Felix people’s sounds made up like What’s your name?

Dr. Felix Peebles. It’s a very Peter Gryphon moment he looks he’s a picture of Felix the Cat and then see someone peeing and then a bowl. Dr. Felix p bulls. Yep, that’s me. So Dr. Felix Peebles gives him the new diagnosis, which is similar in ways to his last diagnosis.

On September 13 1970, we’re now looking at a 32 year old Carole Edward Cole. Dr. Peoples recanted his diagnosis diagnosis and said Cole was highly manipulative man who is utilising his difficulties with the law and his threats of violence in order to acquire shelter.

He is out of funds discharged and placed on a bus for Los Angeles where he was to switch buses and go home to San Diego. So he is in been in this guy’s care for

I don’t know. Two months and yeah the the guy realises oh shit

this guy’s a manipulative fuck is actually just kind of living off the system a little bit because you know we’re talking about a lot of people having truly feeling sorry for him there’s some type of mental illness here he needs this help. But this doctor is the first ones coming for saying like, No, he doesn’t need the help. He may really be sick, but he just needs a place to stay. And he knows that will put him up and will feed him and we’ll get him the medication.

I don’t know if this guy seems seems to know how to work the system quite well.

On May 7 1971 32 year old Carol Edward Cole met and strangled se buck 39 year old white female and left her in his trunk overnight. The next day, I’m sorry two days later on the ninth 1971 his 33rd birthday.

Carol discards se in like a forested area. Two weeks later, on the 23rd of may 1971, he met and strangled a woman only known as Wilma. He buried her corpse her corpse somewhere outside of San Ysidro and it remains undiscovered. One week later, on May 30 1971, he strangled a third unknown victim. He starts to get rolling here on in June of 1971, he served time for theft and drunk driving. So he goes in again. In March of 72, he is released from prison so he does less than a year once more

early instead just can’t stay institutionalised and early in 72

After he gets out, so this would be sometime between March and the summer. He’s driving through San Ysidro. He picked up two unknown women killed one with a hammer and the other was strangled. They were both buried in the desert never to be found.

Now, I’ll take a little pause here and also mentioned that, you know, he was convicted for three possible 16 that they can kind of link him to, and he’s admitted to I believe 30

G’s man. Yeah. So it’s kind of one of those things where we’re, you know, we’re taking his word for these two women. And I’m taking the ones here that are the ones that he could have possibly been connected to. So that’s, that’s the ones you’re going to get for me. Gotcha.

And the summer of 72, he met and moved in with barmaid named Diana Pasha. Neither of them were monogamous to each other. In July of 73. He married Diana

August of 74. The next summer he moved from San Diego to Las Vegas to begin a new life after many infidelity, so he only stayed with Diana about a year.

Later in 74, he found a job transporting coins from a local airport to the nearby casinos. The temptation however, proved to be too much for Carol and he stole an entire shipment of coins and fled to Wyoming leaving Diana back in Vegas. This was the split sorry, he had not slept they moved he and Diana to Vegas together, but now he split on her head a shipment of coins and said fuck this. I’m going to pay for my life with these coins. I that just seems seems so silly. Such a silly thing to steal seems short sighted. Yeah, I got this 380 bucks. I’m going to be the richest man in Wyoming. So in August 1975 is now 37 years old in Wyoming he meets Merlene Horner but people called her dp

After a night of partying nicknames, yeah after, after a night of partying Marlene suggests sex. So he strangled her and left her on a hillside covered by an old sleeping bag.

Carol tends to have this tendency I think he’s looking back at his life and his mother who he saw is very quote loose. So he’s kind of anytime a woman shows that she is.

You know, maybe a sex worker. She is unfaithful she’s, you know, he he’s got a reason. He’s, uh, he’s killing for a reason in his eyes. So yeah, you know, he’s a little bit baggy.

F**k baggy.

August 9, Marlene the body is found and he fled the state the next day. Red Flag

early 1976 he goes to a detox centre and while there steals a fellow patients 1500 dollar check and cashed it.

In June of 76, he’s charged with male theft and jumps bail those captured a short time later with the charge of an unlawful flight. That just means he skipped his bail. Yeah, February 1977. He sends to one year in prison.

In May of 1977, police recovered the body of Kathleen Bluhm, a 26 year old white female, a sex worker he had strangled and dumped in a stranger’s backyard.

July 19 1977. He is jailed for car theft in Las Vegas, but he makes bail and then heads to Oklahoma to skip bail once more. The night before Thanksgiving. 1977 meets a woman at a topless bar and agreed to spend the night with her.

They get they get to drinking having a good time.

He wakes up to find the woman dead in his bathtub, the remnants of her feet and arm and his refrigerator. Her button was found in a skillet on the stove, and the body was collected and dumped into the city. Or I’m sorry, into the city dump. So he, he claims blackout and maybe a little cannibalism on this one.

Just a touch of it just just a little cannibalism.

Tiny bit makes me a little sick to my stomach. Just a taste just just to see how it is. Right. So

who knows? Again, this is we’re looking at his accounts of the storey. So he says he this happened he collects all the pieces takes it to the city dump pieces out of this one.

I don’t know man. I don’t know. I It seems he seems very Henry Lee Lucas in some of his illusions around your admissions. So

For skipping the bail that we talked about before he came into this murder. He received the six months sentence plus three years probation in June of 1978. He is freed from jail and reunites with Diana. October of 1978. He’s now 40 years old.

He’s arrested for being drunk and also charged with probation violation and released on a $2,000 bond. Just a few weeks later, he was he laid out in public Yeah, exactly. He’s drunk. Okay. Okay. Yeah, I was like they just arrested the dude for being drunk. No, you can’t do that. I he might not actually be able to probation. True that

November 8 1978. He’s arrested on unknown charges that were never reported to his probation officer. I wasn’t going to leave this in but I just figured I would. I couldn’t find anything on this. But the timeline from Radford University seem to find this important. They plug this in that he had an arrest.

was never reported to his probation officer don’t exactly know what the connection is, but I wanted to leave it in. It seemed important as a motherfucker is that we’re studying this. I wanted to leave it into. So

he we’re talking now august of 79. So nine months later, he meets and strangled Bonnie Sue O’Neill, who was 39 years old. He did so after a night of sex, and she mentioned after the entire night of sex and enjoying themselves that she needed to call her husband.

And Carol did not like that. He did not like Loose Women after all. So he strangled and killed her and dumped her body into a garbage can in the back of the building.

Wow. I mean

no words the punishment doesn’t fit the crime. Yeah. But to him it did shouldn’t have been she she shouldn’t have been cheating on her husband.

Late 70s could have been a swinging situation it could have been he knows she’s out making money. He’s okay with it. I don’t know. She shouldn’t be cheating. I don’t know that she was. I guess she might

have cleared that with what’s his face first hold the Carolina recall. Yeah, well yeah, retrospect let’s not let’s not victim blame too much here, I guess.

No, no, no, not victim blaming. He’s definitely the monster there. He’s the one who you know murder. Yeah, so a little more than two weeks later on September 19 1979. He strangles Diana Cole. 35 year old he wraps her in blankets and stuffs her into a closet. A neighbour called the police Eight days later after she spotted Carol cold digging a grave and his crawl space.

How can she see his crawl space? I think she saw him going in and out clearing dirt taking equipment like taking

Like it was a crawl space that he was entering from the outside like an opening definitely should have done it Shawshank style. Yep, gone through the wall bro What do you thinking? One pocket of liberty at a time in October of 1979. He returns to Vegas and found work as a truck driver for a religious charity.

November 3 1979, he kills Murray Cushman, who was 50 in the in the Kasbah hotel and left her body in the room for the maid defined, sloppier and sloppier and sloppier. He was like chopping them up taking them out, burying them in deserts. Then it was like fucking throw them in the trash can make it domains problem. Yeah, now he’s literally just leaving them in the room. Yeah, someone will find her here.

Close it up. Right. So he’s not connected to this initially and on December 16 1979, he marries a female coworker no name. While on their honeymoon, they were pulled over and he was found to not have a valid driver’s licence.

So after the name check, a warrant was pulled up for parole violations. Now at this point, he had been connected to the murder of Murray Cushman and they, they have a warrant for that. They have him up for some parole violations. He ends up in the medical centre for federal prisoners. So they see that he also has psychiatric passed. So that’s where they start him out there.

On October 4, two weeks later, he is released and bused to Dallas, and that’s where he will stay for quite some time in January of 1984. His mother dies and he is informed of her death and he was said to have not responded really at all.

He seems like the kind of guy who wouldn’t care too terribly much about that right February 15 1984 45 year old Carol Cole has Nevada’s formally announced their intent to extradite him and try him on capital murder charges.

Everything has been connected to him. They’ve got evidence enough to attempt to charge him with three of the murders we’ve talked about.

On March 30 1984. He waves his extradition on on April 9 1984. He is in fact sent to Las Vegas, October 16 1984. He appears before judge Myron leave it to plead guilty to three counts of first degree murder.

Two months later, October 12 1984. Now he went and he took a judge only trial because he believed that he should be sentenced to death.

Okay, and you are apparently more likely to get a judge only trial if you write get since the death if you have a judge on the trial.

Juries tend to not want to kill people I suppose. Right? So he he worked the system once more, I guess you could say and found a way to get this judge on the train.

Trial is penalty hearing convened before three judges and the panel sentence Sam to death as he wished. On November 6 1984, he was transferred from Las Vegas he was transferred from Las Vegas to Nevada State Prison. On December 6 1985, Carol Edward Cole was executed by lethal injection. For the first he was the first person in Nevada to be ever executed with my lethal injection.

Oh, yeah, good. So I have a it’s probably about three minutes long. It’s a interview interview like a week before his execution. So you can kind of hear a little bit how creepy he is a little bit of his demeanour.

He’s very narcissistic and sympathetic towards himself during this. So I guess, yeah, I guess. So. I guess you’ll have to forgive him for that. In an exclusive TV interview, condemned kill

Red Cole talked about his life about his punishment and about the suffering of his victims that’s letting down this great news day.

What about the stress? Is it is it changing? Is it getting harder? Is it getting easier? What’s it like?

lifting getting harder as it since the Friday night actually, but really, last couple days been real, emotionally, mentally draining, emotionally drained. Just feel tired and exhausting. Time going by quicker, slower, fast. That is what made you change your mind and no one’s ever occurred to you.

Those always occur, but issues have always occurred to him but he he’s never been

Hello, hello.

Are you sorry? He obviously tried to get help. Yes, yes. He’s he’s sorry for the victims he says anyone in particular especially the one that was the 11 year old girl way back in 1967 and even even doing it five years since it wasn’t that wasn’t enough.

But this is the motherfucker that did the crimes exhale was not enough time for actually got way that affected me. Just

also because I saw not suffered, but I thought about it and condemn myself for many years, because I can just imagine what the

what her life might have been like with little girls named


What about what about the religious aspect of it? He takes some of the cigarettes I’ve ever seen in my life but it’s there.

When you think about this

execution, are you are you afraid that there might be some pain involved after all we don’t really know. This is the first time that the state is carried out this this type of execution you know I said above wasn’t concerned about that the line

because everybody wants to know is is most comfortable one

that enter your mind though that you might they might you know, something might go wrong.

Or you know, this there be some some kind of suffering. I don’t want to suffer but that is not

Out of my own decision

Do you deserve to that?

I can’t answer that question.

It’s the ultimate question. It is it is the question what I did Yes. And I think

cools execution is now less than eight hours. So that was the day before and and honestly, I know that’s kind of a long drawn out clip and you know, we didn’t get a whole lot of great information. That’s really all I can find. He’s ghost it seems like so.

That’s really that’s really it for Carol Edward Cole.

Very, very little information.

Glad I found it is it isn’t it’s just another sad storey. You know, it’s just another one of these killers that just had this really, really awful tumultuous  childhood and didn’t didn’t make it out the way that you know some might overcome and conquer he he definitely was affected by it. Yeah, I have another one. I don’t know if I’m going to keep this as a continuing trend but this is another missing persons case, an active case. This one is Nikki Lynn forest she’s been missing since September 25 2010 from Troy, Ohio. She was born November 29 1990. She went missing at 19 years old. She is now nearly 27. She is five to 160 pounds. She is a Caucasian female brown hair brown eyes, her tongue and ears or peers. She has tattoo of a scarecrow and the words if only I had a brain on her upper arm, a tattoo of a mouth on her abdomen and attempt to have a Celtic knot with bats wings in the centre of her lower back. She does have some medical conditions for us was four and a half months pregnant at the time of her disappearance. It was also considered a high risk pregnancy and she needed injections twice daily to prevent miscarriage. She left her medicine behind so she may be in need of medical attention.

I understand this is seven years old, but I wanted to read everything they had on there. Yeah, absolutely. The details of the event of the disappearance. She was last seen in Troy, Ohio on September 25 2010. She was living with her godmother at the time they got into an argument and force packed her bags and left. The same evening she went to see her boyfriend and Troy eight miles from peek wow where she was staying with her godmother. He is possibly the father of the unborn baby. The boyfriend said that he in forest got into an argument about the baby’s paternity and he took her luggage and place it outside. While they were together in his driveway, a blue car pulled up and forest got into it and left. She was never seen or heard from again.

Apparently the boyfriend has been cleared. I looked into it a little bit the nothing on this web particular website that I’m pulling from That I can see has any in any kidnapping cases that like fit the mo of like certain killers or things like that these are people that there is an okay to decent possibility that may still be out there so that was kind of one thing I didn’t notice about this. Yeah sorry, continuing on a few days after her disappearance and elderly couple found her purse on a covered bridge in El on ElDeen road off county road 25 A between peak law and Troy. It contained her medication identification, food, stamp card and other belongings. The couple took the first to the Kroger store and left it there without giving their names. Authorities would like to talk with these witnesses at the time of her disappearance for us had no permanent address and lived with a series of relatives and friends. keeping in touch with daily text messages throughout her family.

She never picked up her last paycheck from waitressing job Waffle House and authority stated there is no evidence of foul play in her disappearance but they are concerned about her health and well being. She had three previous miscarriages and is uncharacteristic for her to leave without warning. forest has relatives in Troy, Ohio and she also has ties to Tennessee and Washington State. Her case remains unsolved. P qua police are investigating. If you have any information concerning this case, please contact the PQI Police Department at area code 937-778-2027

Yeah, just quick little thing I wanted to add. I don’t know if you know it’s helping but I know it’s not hurting so you know, maybe we’ll have something at the end of every one if I can find you know, some some open cases like this that, you know, how cool would it be to help out on finding a missing person if for whatever reason, the one person that knew something just happened still listen to this show. So that’d be awesome. Yeah, we let’s see if we’re getting some f*****g good in the world, you guys.

So that that was Episode 24 Thank you guys so much for listening. Thank you again as always, Greg for being here. Carol Cole just to me another product of his environment. I don’t know.

I said there’s no answer to nature versus nurture for me, I think it’s both. I don’t know that he wouldn’t have ended up being just completely fucked anyway. But I know that he did get there and it seems to me and especially I I saw one four minute interview with him. He just seems so smug. And so well, that’s that high IQ thing. He just he feels like he’s, he’s above people and that might that might have contributed to why he did what he did. Yeah, he feels like he’s about people and perhaps, that sociopathy shining through to no empathy and a genius IQ. And he did that could also contribute to the reason why he was like, there. They asked, you know, do you think you deserve to die? And he was like, Yeah, I mean, he knows that for what he did. He needs to atone for it.

So logically Yeah. But he’s just crazy enough to say it out loud instead of just thinking it like yeah I probably should but let’s hope they don’t know that exactly well in the end he is now gone.

In the end he did kill people. If there’s any cool storeys or facts about Carol that I missed that somebody else has if you have more information on this guy please I want to know more INN there’s not a tonne out there So reach out to us or me or Greg, you can do it in so many ways Facebook is just serial killers podcast the Instagram is at serial killers podcast, Twitter at killers podcast the email is serial killers podcast at gmail. com. The voicemail line still active still there still fun, give it a call 1-805-666-2513 As always, serial killers podcast calm and now. So the first announcement on air we’re making merge store is open serial killers podcast dot thread

Gotta go dude we got merge now. I’m kind of psyched about that too. Yeah so this stuff is drop shipped you guys which means it is made and shipped from a third party location if there are any issues reach out to me and I will help you get things taken care of. You know we’re just trying to get some stuff out there for you guys to have there are a few requests. So there are t shirts there are hoodie either a long sleeve tees, there are accessories, several things going to be getting some new stickers soon. Those of you who are waiting on stickers, that is all I am waiting on is getting the stickers delivered to me so I can deliver them to you.

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